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March 4, 2012

Match Report – Saturday 3rd March 2012

Match Report by Jessica Biggs

Flamstead Blacks vs. Camelot (Development)

This week we were against a development team, Camelot. This team ranged from some young players, to more experienced ones, some of whom we recognised from previous matches. However this week we were at a major advantage which was… Our new kit! We looked like professionals, and nothing, not even the overcast dismal weather was going to stop us.

At the beginning of the first quarter Camelot had bundles of energy and enthusiasm. They had most of the possession and were taking the lead. After a few shaky passes, and minor foot work errors, we had settled into the match, and we were not going to let them get away. As the skies opened we began to play in difficult conditions. Our advantage was coming into play, as our kits are made from material that: ‘Wicks moisture from the skin’ and has climate regulation. With this we were tight on Camelot, finishing the quarter 3-4.

For the second quarter our tactic was to slow down our play, as the slower we played the more frantic they became. As the rain eased off we were able to make some fantastic interceptions, and as a result enabled Sarah and Tracy Cripps to score some excellent goals. Camelot became less self assured and we continued to intimidate them as we closed the gap making the score at half time 11-7.

In the previous two quarters, Camelot had been consistent with their goal scoring. Our aim was to keep them at only being able to score 3 to 4 goals per quarter. They began the second half having made a few changes to their team, hoping that it would make a difference. But we were in the zone, and making some good passes in the centre third and around the circle. When Camelot got the opportunity to score, they were quickly stopped by our stealthy defence, and some great interceptions were made by Becky and Bryony. We continued our winning streak and finished the third quarter with a healthy 18-11.

Camelot was not going to give up in this quarter, and they made this very clear from the start. They made some good interceptions but some relied on dirty habits that we had cottoned on to from the start, and so had the umpires.  Their determination was not going to override our composure. We continued to execute some well learnt tactics, which baffled the Camelot team. They again only managed to score 3 in this quarter despite dominating the court. As the final whistle was blown there was a sigh of frustration from the development team. 

The final score was 21-14

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