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January 29, 2011

Match report – Saturday 29th January 2011

Match report by Phillippa Mercer

Flamstead v Haven Bears  

On what I believe has been the coldest Saturday for months we were set to play Haven, a development team from Hemel. After a warm up that was great but I honestly felt no warmer, we took to the court.

 Lips turning blue, fingers we could not feel and permission of Crippsy to stay in our tracksuits, the game began. We hadn’t won the toss (although according to Tracy tails never fails!) so Haven had the first centre. We overturned their first centre and scored 4 consecutive goals. We were finding spaces and dodging well, probably to keep warm! The passing was accurate but a few dropped balls, as our fingers were so cold, allowed them to get 2 goals of us. The score after the first quarter was 6 – 2, Flamstead leading.

The next quarter could be called Phil’s footwork errors but I was not alone! The coldness was affecting our feet and we did get pulled up on some contact. (secretly we were all hoping for a cuddle to keep warm!). We gained 4 goals this quarter and conceded only 3. Leaving the score at 10- 5, Flamstead leading still.

 The third quarter some changes were made to our team positioning. Crippsy and Louise swapped from GD to GK and worked well together only allowing 2 goals in from Haven. SJ decided she wanted a run around and was coming out of the semi circle lots which was great to see. The shooting was brilliant and seven goals were scored this quarter. The score this quarter being 17- 7 to Flamstead, the gap was widening and traditionally the third quarter used to be our downfall. Flamstead blacks were clearly on fire.

 Heads held high and fingers finally warm and a hot bath calling we approached the last quarter. Could we extend our lead? Would Phil not footwork? Would SJ dare to come out further? I am pleased to say yes we did extend our lead and yes SJ did venture out but sadly my footwork was shocking and I will be addressing my dancing feet issues! Final score was 23- 11 to a happy Flamstead team.

 Well done to the whole team- Louise, Tracy C, Bedders, Jenny, Nikki, SJ, Me (Phil) , Jo (for sub on coldest day ever), Flamstead young but silent supporters and a big Thanks to Natalie for umpiring.

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