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March 3, 2011

Match report – Saturday 26th February 2011

Match report by Jo Botterman

Flamstead Blacks V Leaford Gadeside

Wet and cold we began with a Leaford Gadeside centre. We quickly took the lead with 3 goals under our belts,  whist quickly sussing out the key players from the opposition. We ended the first quarter up by 10 goals to 3, a strong start for Flamstead Blacks.

With the rain coming down pretty heavy by now, we didn’t let this get in our way, nor the fact we were leading. We fought for the next 6 goals, however, loosing possession with some less than satisfactory over head passing from me as WA. (sorry team!) Ending the second quarter 16-8, we identified our weaknesses and focused on overcoming these for the remainder of the game.  After a few constructive pointers from Louise who had good visibility of how we were all playing, being GK, we were ready to take on Q3.

With more position changes from Leaford Gadeside, and their third set of fresh legs in as centre, Phil was a great example of what you want from you centre. Determined to widen the goal gap from Q2, we worked hard and tight as a team getting the ball into our shooters quickly. It was clear to see Nikki and Sarah worked great together in the D, making good use of their C and WA around the edge. Steaming ahead, we entered the final quarter 11 goals in front.

Setting ourselves an achievable 15 goal difference on the final whistle, the rain stopped and we were ready to fight for the win. Sarah as GS was on fire in the final quarter, scoring almost every shot taken, making it look very easy indeed! We ended the match with a well deserved victory, final score being 37-19.

Jo would have been proud to watch us in action today, and especially pleased to know Phil only got pulled up for footwork once!

Thanks to Claire for umpiring.

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