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November 8, 2011

Match Report – 5th November 2011

Match report by Phillippa Mercer

Flamstead Blacks v Connexions Blaze

“Wow, that was a fantastic game” smiled Natalie, as the rest of us were too exhausted to speak.

“So close, thirty three, thirty two to us,” sighed Phil relieved.

The team all lethargically put on their tracksuits (when they really should have been warming down!) but they were eager to get going, shower and relax after a great win.

 It all began on a mild, autumnal day around 10am. Flamstead All Blacks were playing Connexions Blaze. The two teams had not met this season so it was exciting. How would each team play? Who were the players to watch?

 The teams set themselves up for a Connexions centre (as they had won the toss) and Flamstead were caught off guard and conceded two goals in very close succession. Would this be the way the game was going?

“Come on Flamstead, heads up” encouraged Wellsie from down the court. The goals continued to be scored but fortunately on both sides now. Both teams were consistently shooting accurately and the teams, although moving quickly, were passing confidently. The final score after an exciting fifteen minutes was ten to Connexions and eight to Flamstead.

 With only two goals difference there was everything to play for (as long as we could continue to play with thoughtful passes) and maintain the fast pace. In the second half Flamstead shooters scored a phenomenal twelve goals which reflects the awesome, accuracy of aiming on goal. Connexions were on thirteen goals and there was a growing gap of seven.

 The third quarter is Flamstead’s notorious weak quarter. Will it be the same today? Will our age get the better of us? The quarter began well and goals continued to be scored by both teams, interceptions successful but some obstructions and footwork sneaking in as tiredness kicked in. Connexions were very successful in the third quarter scoring a very acceptable nine goals. The wide gap of seven goals difference was diminishing to a smaller five goals!

 As both teams stepped anxiously on court for the final quarter. The colour of people’s faces was changing as the exhaustion became more evident and breathing heavier as fitness was being challenged. Connexions scored three goals in close succession and eventually equalised with Flamstead.

 The tension was incredible and the pressure for the shooters was beginning to show in their faces as the shots were taken. Goals equal. All the players were hastily getting back on side as it was so tight, the pressure intensified as the umpires stopped to compare notes.

“Have you paused time” an eager, yet tense voice from the Connexions team shouted, as there was now only one goal in it. Then the final whistle blew. Handshakes and chanting of three cheers chorused around the court. Smiling contently the Flamstead team had won.

“Wow, that was a fantastic game” smiled Natalie, as the rest of us were too exhausted to speak!

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