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February 7, 2011

Match report – 5th February 2011

Match report – Tracy Wells

Phoenix Vs Flamstead Blacks  

It was a full team out today with the compliments of a sub. A position change for Tracy and Louise who shared WD and GD and both did well and were versatile to each position.

Weather conditions were extremely windy and direct, short passes were the order of the day!

First goal of the match was scored by Flamstead.  There was some good passing into the D and good pressure from defence. 1st quarter finished 5 – 4 to Phoenix.

During the 2nd and 3rd quarter, there was some good driving in to receive the ball and attempts were made to keep to the line up down the court. Good pressure was maintained by defence and there were some great tips out of the hands of our opposition! Windy conditions continued to make scoring extremely difficult.

During the final quarter, better line up was achieved as well as working the ball down the court.  Some great dodging was observed and there was even a quick flash from Louise as the wind blew her top up!

The final quarter finished 21-12 to Phoenix.

Thanks to Jo for giving up another Saturday to give us coaching tips and advice at the end of each quarter and to Natalie for umpiring.

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