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December 4, 2011

Match report – 3rd December 2011

Match report by Tracy Cripps

Flamstead v Abbey Flyers

This was our last game of the year and armed with the fact that we were playing the team at the bottom of our league, surely we would have an easy win ? We were a bare minimum of seven and then had a last minute text saying our umpire was unavailable so a quick scrabble around to avoid having to play with six! Sarah J came to the rescue and Nikki agreed to umpire, again.

Our Coach had set us individual targets but the one that stuck with me most (as a shooter) was to score 40 goals, an average of 10 per quarter.

We won first centre, however, quickly gave it away with Abbey scoring the first goal, not the start we were expecting. We did however turn over the next and made a steady start with the first quarter ending 8 – 3 in our favour.  The shooters were aware that they had fallen short of their target of 10 goals and knew they needed 12 in the next quarter to get back on track.

Going into the second quarter the age and fitness of our opposing team became very apparent, they were a lot younger and fitter however our experience helped us through ending the second quarter 17 – 5, still not quite on target! A quick spray of Deep Heat in the break as Tracy Wells had bashed her thumb, no fuss was made during the game so we were all unaware of her injury!

Lots of shouts of ‘turn over, turn over’ seemed to spur us on to do just that. The other team were getting frustrated and there were even some tears! Wellsie had a much more noticeable injury in this quarter, twisting her ankle, we had no sub and she was told to come off if she needed to, she refused and limped back on. Within a minute she was back to her normal ferocious self! This quarter finished 28 – 7, shooters still not on target but had increased each quarter i.e. 8, 9, 11, could they get 12 in the last quarter to reach Jo’s target! They were determined to do their best! The defence also set their own target of not allowing Abbey to get into double figures.

A determined Flamstead started the last quarter. It really wasn’t Wellsie’s day, she received a ball right in the face from her own team player but bravely played on (again!). Lots more turn overs and some sharp shooting meant the game finished right on target 40 – 9 to Flamstead! Well done team and well done Wellsie for not giving into the pain from any of your three injuries (I do hope your nose isn’t too bruised ?!). What a week not to have a sub!

A great first half of the season, I am looking forward to playing with you all next year, thank you all for your dedication, loyalty and willingness to be flexible for the good of the team, I am proud to be the Captain of this team.  Merry Christmas!!

Tracy x


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