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September 26, 2012

Match Report

Flamstead v Connexions Rebels – 22 September 2012

Match Report by Nicola

This was the first match of the season and with a fairly new team we were determined to start the season well.

However, 10 minutes in, Nicola injured herself and had to retire from the game, Lizzie moved from WD to GA and Tracy moved to GS.  The game carried on with 6 players but resolute defending by Becky, Emma and Phil meant that the ball stayed in our end and the first quarter finished 8-1 to Flamstead.  The play was quite fast and we knew that we had to slow down a bit to conserve the energy needed to play with only 6 players.

 The second quarter started calmly with everyone trying to slow the play down but with great determination and some fantastic interceptions by Emma and Kerry again, the ball stayed at the right end of the court.  Tracy and Lizzie scored some great goals and this quarter ended 14-3.

 The third quarter is often our worst quarter but determined play and more lovely shooting from Tracy and Lizzie, turned this into a great quarter, 13 goals were scored and again, great defending kept the ball away from the Connexions goal.  This quarter ended 27-6, and we knew we could slow down even more as it would be virtually impossible to lose this game now.

In the last quarter, disaster! Lizzie injured her ankle, and had to retire, Kerry moved from WD to GA.  Now with 5 players, we knew that all we had to do was keep possession as well as we could.  This quarter displayed Flamsteads great teamwork, Becky, Emma, Phil and Kerry worked hard to defend the Connexions free players. Tracy’s great shooting continued in this quarter and although Connexions managed to score 4, Flamstead got 6.  The final quarter ended 33-10.  A fantastic win especially with only 6 players for most of the game.  A great start to the season but fingers crossed that all players are back to full fitness for the next match in two weeks.

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