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October 3, 2011

Match report – 1st October 2011

Match report by Nicola Jones

Flamstead v Camelot Blacks – Saturday 1st October 11.30am

Flamstead Blacks were playing the team currently first in the league but as we were second we knew we had a reasonable chance against them.  However, with a team cobbled together from blacks and greens who hadn’t played together as a team much, we also knew it would be a challenge, especially in the strangely high temperatures for 1st October.  Usual winter league concerns about getting cold and wet were replaced with worries about dehydration and sunstroke.  Only having a team of 7 was another worry but our opponents only fielded a team of 6 as they did not have an umpire and a player had to step out to do it, which also meant that they will lose a point for an unqualified umpire.

 The first quarter started brilliantly, at one point we were about 6 goals ahead but Camelot suddenly found their stride and by the end of the first quarter it was 11-11.  The second quarter went practically goal for goal but we managed to finish a goal up at 18-17. 

After half time, we were all flagging, but especially the centre court players.  We decided to slow the game right down to conserve energy which worked but despite some excellent defending from Jennie C and Amber, (Jennie with an injury) and some spectacular shooting from Nina and Nicola, we finished this quarter four goals down.  In the last quarter, we tried to up our game a bit despite the heat and played some great netball, but ended up losing 30-39.  The centre court players, Amber, Nina, Natalie and Jessica worked extremely hard in the heat…!

A great game but that final whistle couldn’t come soon enough.  Well done everyone – you all played brilliantly.  Thanks to Natalie for stepping in at the last minute and for Amber and Nina from Greens for helping out.  Thanks to Claire for her umpiring (outstanding as always!).

Final Result – Flamstead 30 Camelot Blacks 39

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