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Match report – Saturday 9th February 2013

Match report by Tracy Wells

Flamstead Blacks v Connexions Tornadoes

 A wet and finger ‘numbingly’ cold morning and court conditions were damp and slippery. A Team of seven players, and a special thanks to borrowed Flamstead Green player – Sarah Johnson for helping out in the shooting circle! First quarter was kicked off with speed and we could tell it was going to be a fast game all round. Accurate, quick passes were needed as Tornadoes were putting up a good defence, intercepting quite a few of our passes. This quarter ended 6 – 8 to Tornadoes.

Flamstead Blacks were all fired up to win this game and came out highly motivated.  Good defence all round, and blocking out their centre passes worked in our favour to get the ball to the shooting circle. Fantastic teamwork by Nikki and Sarah in the shooting circle, (despite a very feisty Tornadoes GK!), didn’t perturb Flamstead Blacks achieving 8 goals this quarter bringing the score to 14 -14.

The third quarter saw some change of position for Tornadoes, and the pace remained fast moving.  There were some excellent passes into the shooting circle from Mercer Magic and Crippsy (who played out of her usual position as WA). Our defence continued to hold their own with some great interceptions, coupled with continued accurate, fast paced passes and shooting, resulted in a further 9 goals being scored. Third quarter ended 23-18 to Flamstead Blacks.

Tornadoes came out all guns ablazing and were ready for a fight to turnover the score to their advantage.  Flamstead Blacks, however, did not want to be defeated and continued to hold their own. Tornadoes intercepted several of our passes into the shooting circle and their defence was tight. Despite some great interceptions from Emma and Becky, Tornadoes managed to up their game and fought to the end and scored their highest number of goals in the last quarter. A nail biting finish for us all but Flamstead Blacks put up a good fight and won 26-25.

A friendly and competitive game with a great end result for Flamstead Blacks.

Many thanks to Jo from Phoenix for umpiring.


Match report – Saturday 12th January 2013

Match report by Nicola Jones

Flamstead v Connextions Rebels

We awoke to a bitterly cold day and to the news that Emma was poorly and therefore unable to play.  Tracy had to find a last minute replacement.  Sarah J had already agreed to help us out and Louise from the Green team stepped in at the 11th hour to play, although both might have been regretting it when the time came to take off some outer layers!

 Connexions Rebels had not had much success in the league so far this year but we knew a good win was important to try and return to third place in the league.

 The match started well, Sarah J and Nikki decided to share the GA/GS positions so that neither got too cold, but they needn’t have worried as most of the action seemed to be down at our attacking end as our solid midfield and defence ensured that most of the balls heading for Rebels’ goal were intercepted and sent straight back, being fed into the goal expertly by Tracy C and Phil.  The first quarter ended 12-4.  Encouraged by this good start, the second quarter saw a similar performance, ending 23-5.  Some great shooting by both Sarah & Nikki ensured that the goal rate continued and the solid defence was even more impenetrable with Tracy W, Louise and Becky stopping the Rebels’ attackers getting a look in and resulting in no goals at all in the third quarter, ending 33-5.  We didn’t become complacent in the 4th quarter, eleven goals were scored, Rebels did manage to score 3 goals, but the match ended with a score of 44-8.  Well played everyone, what a great game, thanks to Sarah J and Louise for playing, Natalie for umpiring and Lizzie for her support from the side.



Match report Saturday 5th January 2013

Match report by Tracy Cripps

Flamstead Blacks v Camelot Juniors

Saturday 5th January 2013

Our first game since 24th November, we were ready for a run around! We were short of players so had called in Lizzie and SJ to help us out, thanks ladies. Crippsy welcomed the chance to pass the pressure of shooting to an old pro like SJ!

We settled into the first quarter getting used to different players in different positions.  Ended 10 – 4 to Flamstead.

Camelot seemed to up their game and managed to score 7 to our 9 goals. The score was now 19 – 11 to Flamstead. A half time discussion about ‘playing our own game’ and back we went to up our game.

Something obviously worked as we scored a fantastic 17 and our solid defence kept Camelot from scoring any. Score now 36 – 11.

The game had been littered with lots of penalties, mainly against Flamstead , this had started to affect the morale, could the umpires be picking on our timid WD?!

Could we just keep our cool for the last 15 minutes, well just about! The game ended  51 – 13 to Flamstead but as Camelot Juniors are a development team no points would be awarded! A good warm up for next week!

I feel a ‘Keep Calm and no more contact’ slogan would be appropriate for next week!