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Match Report – Sunday 13th March

Match Report by Sarah Randall

Flamstead Greens v Abbey Flyers

A good spirited and fast paced game resulted in a loss for Flamstead on this drizzly, miserable morning. Abbey were prevented from a higher score by some great marking and fantastic defence forcing them to lob the ball right off court on many occasions.  Amber and Louise were tenacious (as usual) and marked the shooters out further and further as the game progressed. Fiona, Simone and Sarah R played in the centre court positions on a very slippery court, Simone managing to intercept passes frequently. In the absence of Sarah J, Vicky did a stellar job in the shooting circle with Claire, moving out in front of a tall Abbey defence with confidence. Although it did not result in a win, movement and passing across the court resulted in less interceptions and wasted chances.

The final score was Abbey Flyers 30 – Flamstead Greens 18.

The team positions were:GK – Louise,  GD – Amber, WD – Fiona, C – Simone, WA – Sarah R, GA – Claire, GS – Vicky, Umpire – Karen


Match Report – Sunday 27 February

Match Report by Fiona Knox

Flamstead Greens v Dacorum Youth

Well done to Flamstead Greens who played on Sunday against the youthful team Dacorum Youth (literally).

We had a full complement, including a sub and therefore had the luxury of fresh legs.  It all started off well with a 3 -0 goal lead but then that evened out to 5-6 to Dacorum at the end of the first quarter.

With good defense from Amber and Louise (who kept leaping from nowhere!), and good shooting from Sarah J and Nina, we managed a clear 10 goal lead by half time.  Despite Dacorum gaining a few more goals in the 3rd quarter,we maintained this and went on to win the game.  Vikki and Fiona shared WD and then Sarah R, Vikki and Claire adapted and shared WA and C.

Well done all, and thank you to Karen for umpiring.

Final score:  Flamstead Green 23-13 Dacorum Youth


Match Report – Sunday 30th January

Match Report by Simone Kouset

Flamstead Greens v Shelley 5

There were a few team members missing this week, some scheduled and one due to over indulgence the night before!!!! “FIONA”

Due to absences, Sandra moved from a centre court position to Goal Attack and presented a united front with Sarah J in the D. We borrowed the excellent team of Louise and Becky in defence from the Blacks and they ensured that the scoring in their D was kept to a minimum.

Sarah R and Vicki shared the Wing Atttack and Wing Defence positions and Simone was in Centre.

Shelly 5 are one of the younger teams in our division and they gave us a good, competitive, friendly game.

The final score Flamstead 42 and Shelley 5 13.