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March 8, 2010

8th March 2010

Match report by Simone Kouset

Flamstead Greens V Abbey Flyers
It was a very bright but extremely cold morning and we arrived in good spirits but moaning at how unfit we all felt as we have not played since early February. The team sheet read as follows: GK-Becky, GD-Fern, WD-Sarah R, C-Simone, WA-Julie, GA-Claire, GS-Sarah J.
It was obvious from the first whistle that the game was going to be fast and that our signature long balls into the D were not going to be of use today as their keeper was taller than Sarah J. Sarah admirably rose to the challenge and can be proud of several significant dodges that resulted in fantastic goals. Claire again produced some excellent shots often from the outer area of the D.
Julie stepping into our team for the first time had an excellent game however there were a few occasions that Claire and Simone ran into her space which may have caused frustration, but which she took extremely well.
We all felt however that the game belonged to the defence. Sarah Randall stepped in as a strong WD and Becky and Fern were the impressive Dynamic Duo in the opposing D. They were on top of every rebound and performed some balance defying leans. Fern offered great support throughout the court and was extremely active in moving the ball from the defence, mid court and into the attacking third.
Abbey Flyers gave us a friendly but competitive game which kept us on our toes until the final whistle where the score was 26-20 to Flamstead

Addition from Claire Bailey your Captain:-

Thanks Simone for the match report. I echo Simone’s views on defence, I know we don’t do player of the match any more but if we did I would give it to Sarah R, she had a stormer!

See you all Thursday


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