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November 30, 2009

28th November 2009

Match report from Phillippa Mercer

Flamstead v Haven Whites

We were all a little anxious today as weather looked threatening and only turned up with six players and an umpire. Luckily, we found an umpire on the sidelines so our umpire, Natalie kindly stepped up to play. We were playing a team called Haven Whites, who we have played before. (They were the team we asked if they all met on a Haven holiday!) Our team was Centre, Phil (hobbling but keen), WA was Louise (energetic as always), WD (Wellsie with super defence), GD was Kerry (or the gazelle, as my opponent renamed her), GS was Sarah Johnson (with her fabulous height and great ball handling), GK was Natalie (with a fantastic lean) and lastly Jenny was GA, whose movement in the D was brilliant.

The match started off very equal with both teams achieving their goal from their centre pass. Slowly, Haven edged forwards and gained goals from our centres, which was disappointing but we kept our heads up. After the first quarter it was 9 – 7 to Haven. In the second quarter we made a team change, Lou played Centre and I switched to WA as the team sensed my discomfort in my knee or age, not sure which!

Heads up we came out and play flowed for both teams. There were good passes, spaces and we tried to dodge. Haven were very good at marking and some of our loopy passes were intercepted. What we did do well was picked up a couple of loose balls and gained goals from these. We were playing well as a team and there was some communication. Lots of positive comments on court and everyone was enjoying the close competition. Haven girls were very friendly and the atmosphere between both teams was relaxed but with a good competitive feel. Score after a half was 21- 16 to them, so the gap had widened but not by much.

In the third quarter no players changed positions we decided that to keep continuity we would remain the same. In this quarter there were a lot of simaltaneous contact on the ball so consequently lots of toss ups! We were successful in some but not all but everyone was ready to back up their players. The score after three quarters was 29-26 to haven, only three in it.

Well, the last quarter provided some nail biting netball. Fifteen mintues of tension as we caught our opponents up and actually overtook them. Their noisy but very likable supporters on the sidelines went quiet and we enjoyed our two goal lead for about a minute. Then they equalised, we won the next goal, having a one goal lead….. it was as you can imagine very close and exciting you could feel the nervousness as we were unsure of how much time was left! They went on to score another goal and unfortunately their shooter was spot on and we let it slip away. The final score was 41-37 to Haven, well done girls.

I feel proud to always play for Flamstead, we are good fun, supportive of each other, energetic (for our age) and improving in our play most matches. Today was another good example of this, Haven clearly enjoyed winning their first match of the season but Flamstead played brilliantly. My player of the match is Louise for her energy, confidence in a new position and great, good spirited play. I particularly found today hard as my knee was hurting and I felt my team players had to carry me a bit. So, its a huge soppy thanks from Phil.

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