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June 26, 2009

25th June 2009

Flamstead Blacks v Connexions Ice. A very exciting and tense game. First quarter we were 4 behind, at half time we were 3 down, 3rd quarter 2 down and in the last quarter  players gave it their all and ended up winning 16-13. Well done everyone and thank you for trying out another new position Kerry!

Flamstead Greens v Linwood. A close first quarter. Some very interesting umpiring from Fern. Simone supported the team from her chair on the sideline. Unfortunatley by the 3rd quarter Linwood had a good gap of around 7-15. Sarah Randall had in my opinion a great game giving lots of support to both defensive and attacking players. We didn’t manage to pull it back and lost 16-25. Linwood play in the Saturday League in Hemel and will get to play Flamstead Blacks next winter!

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