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July 5, 2010

24th June 2010 – Match report

Match report by Phil Mercer

Flamstead v Cherokee’s

 What glorious weather to be playing in and no excuses about it being windy for loopy passes or slippery with the rain…. just too much sun so we couldn’t see the ball! Last Thursday Flamstead blacks met together warmed up as a team and looked united and ready to play. 

There was a lovely, friendly atmosphere on court against Cherokees. They were all very smiley and friendly but also extremely tall! In the first quarter their height caught us out a little with some passes being easily intercepted but we persevered like we always do. The score in the first quarter was 3 goals to 10 to them.

 Treating the next quarter as a new game we came out heads high and ready to roll. This unfortunately was the quarter that the gap widened! Their shooters were spot on from anywhere they took the shot and they didn’t miss any opportunities. We continued to play solidly and trying to implement the skills that Katie has so lovingly taught us. We tried to play wide and not down one wing and on occasions had success. As the gap widened panic seemed to set in and we all made some rash passes, but still our heads were high. The score at the end of the second quarter was 4 goals to us and 19 goals to them.

 The third quarter was a similar story we tried hard to keep possession and the ball was passing quickly up and down the court between both teams. They displayed some exceptionally long armed skill and we grew a little weary. Sandra and Ethel had some successes on goal and the score at the end of the third quarter was 7 to us 27 to them.

 The last quarter but we were treating it as our first quarter, heads up and all watered we were ready to get to a nice round ten goals. The quarter started off well and we scored a goal pretty quickly but then they had a close succession of three goals. The atmosphere was still friendly and everyone still loving the weather. Then it all went terribly wrong and our dear friend Wellsie took a very nasty tumble and went away awkwardly on her ankle. She was exceptionally brave and remained calm and our favourite nurse Becky gave some on court TLC.

 I am please to say we later found out that the ankle is not broken but very badly bruised and ligament/ tendons sore and damaged.

We all want to say ‘We love you Wellsie and get well soon!’

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