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March 13, 2010


13th March 2010

Match report Tracy Cripps

 A lovely day for a game of netball, dry and the sun was shining.

After a good training session on Thursday, a positive and prompt team arrived ready for action. Phil and Bedders even applied some bright red lippy as they were feeling so good ?!

 The line up:  Crippsy – GS, Katie – GA, Bedders – WA, Phil – C, Wellsie – WD, Jenny – GD and a guest appearance by Fern playing GK.

Jenny and Katie were playing for the first time in these positions.

 The first quarter was low scoring with strong defence at both ends, resulting in lots of turn overs. The new dream team shooting combination seen at training on Thursday, had not yet kicked in and frustration was starting to show. The score at the end of quarter one was 2 – 5 to Camelot.

 Into the second quarter despite their determined to get their ‘eyes in’ or at least the odd ball, Katie & Crippsy struggled to get free from the excellent defence. Lots of balls were whisked away from us (some literally). We also paid the price for good manners and compassion when we were blown for ‘held ball’ whilst helping their GK up off the ground! It was a bit of a cluttered second quarter where we only used one half of the court !

Camelot began to make a break for it, all be it another low scoring quarter.

Score at half time 5 – 11 to Camelot.

 Discussions about changing tactics took place in the break, only to be spoilt by the other team switching positions.

Despite great defensive work from Jenny and Fern and lots of encouragement to the shooters from Phil and Bedders only 4 goals were scored by Flamstead compared to Camelots 11. It must be mentioned that Katie scored a beautiful goal from right out on the edge of the D, we were more about quality not quantity at this stage!

End of third quarter the score was 9 – 22 to Camelot.

 Now, one of the many good things about Flamstead Blacks is that we never give up ! So, although we were feeling a bit flat (especially the shooting end) we tried to muster some words of encouragement for each other and decided to go out in to the last quarter with our heads held high and to give it all we could. (That was after we contemplated swopping bibs and playing versatility instead !!) Well, something must have finally kicked in, as we had a fantastic last quarter scoring 10 goals to their 3. There was even a moment when we had closed the gap to only 4 between us and a win was not out of the question. Camelot’s mood shifted slightly, they were beginning to worry ! Unfortunately time ran out and the final score was Flamstead 19 Camelot 25, if only we had one more quarter …….

A special thank you to Natalie who umpired our game, she came with both her children and missed College to do this for us, thanks Nat.

 I know this is said in nearly every match report but I am proud to be part of  Flamstead NC,  we see many teams turn on each other, or the other team and sometimes the umpire when things aren’t going well. We kept our team spirit going to the end, and were rewarded with a storming 4th quarter, you should all feel proud! And yes there is always a next time …

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  1. Phil
    Mar 14 2010

    An accuarte account of our very exciting game on Saturday. We so nearly made a come back!

  2. Phil
    Mar 14 2010

    come on blacks, next week its going to be a win!

  3. Mar 15 2010

    Go Team! Good come back!!

  4. Mar 15 2010

    Thanks Phil and Katie B for your comments, congratulations on being first Phil !


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